Wahoo PowerLink Zero Pedals

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Built on the cutting-edge SPEEDPLAY Pedal System, POWRLINK ZERO single-sided power pedal delivers reliably accurate power and cadence data in a race-proven pedal system. This powerful combination creates an unrivaled power pedal that helps cyclists optimize performance by providing the visibility, adjustability and efficiencies needed to break through to the next level. Pair with the Wahoo ecosystem of smart devices for a more full picture of your data and performance, and to track, analyze, share and improve.

With a single-sided power sensor, your left side power is tracked and doubled to estimate total power output no matter where you are crushing watts.
POWRLINK ZERO is built on on the dual-sided entry SPEEDPLAY Pedal System, which maximizes power transfer by putting your foot closer to the spindle. No more fumbling, fussing or kicking your pedal over; leverage a powerful take off when the light turns green and clip in with ease.

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