MTB Bike Fit

Type: Silver
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Please read the description for more information on the Silver & Bronze Fitments


Mountain biking demands precision and comfort, particularly given the challenging terrains involved. At Mellow Velo Cycles, our MTB fitting service is tailored to enhance your control and stability on any trail. By meticulously adjusting your mountain bike to fit your body perfectly, we help you tackle steep climbs, sharp descents, and technical trails with greater confidence and less fatigue. Our experts focus on improving your bike's ergonomics to prevent injuries and ensure you enjoy every ride with complete comfort. Let us fine-tune your setup to optimize your performance and enjoyment on the trails.

Gold Fitment Service (Coming Soon)

Duration: 1.5 hours

Overview: The Gold Fitment Service is a premium option tailored for cyclists seeking a fully customized bike setup. This service assesses individual needs and meticulously adjusts the bike position and equipment to the cyclist's body to ensure optimal performance and comfort. It includes saddle pressure mapping to identify and alleviate pressure hotspots, enhancing comfort and stability on the bike. Additionally, this service evaluates rider symmetry and investigates potential biomechanical causes of discomfort or inefficiency. Please note that this service is currently not available for new appointments as it is coming soon.

Silver Fitment Service

Duration: 1 hour

Overview: Ideal for both new and existing bike owners, the Silver Fitment Service focuses on evaluating crucial aspects such as form, riding style, injury history, and muscle imbalances. The goal of this service is to tailor the bike setup to help cyclists achieve their riding objectives while eliminating common discomforts like numbness and pain. This session is a great fit for riders looking to enhance their cycling experience through personalized adjustments.

Bronze Fitment Service

Duration: 30 minutes

Overview: The Bronze Fitment Service is suited for cyclists needing basic adjustments, particularly in cleat setup or advice on new cycling shoes. This quick session also includes minor bike adjustments and offers follow-up support as needed. It’s an excellent choice for cyclists looking for a fast and efficient fitment to ensure comfort and efficiency during short rides or commutes.

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