Hutchinson - Touareg Hardskin 700 x 45c

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The Touareg tire is made with a 127 tpi casing, an optimal option when looking for high-performance. Flexible and light, it helps to produce high rolling performance.

Hutchinson’s new gravel tire is also reinforced with the Hardskin textile grid from bead to bead. In addition to the rubber thickness, Hutchinson’s Hardskin reinforcement offers additional protection against sharp stones, rocks and any other hostile material found on rough gravel terrain. This mountabike reinforcement has been thoroughly proven on XC Marathon races.


The Touareg improves upon Hutchinson’s famous Overide gravel tire when it comes to riding on rougher terrains. Touareg’s knobs are more pronounced, with greater volume and wider dimensions. Thus, they provide protection and grip even on the most rugged terrain.

The Touareg is designed to enjoy every second of the off-road adventure while maintaining strong performance upon tarmac – for a smooth and comfortable ride.

The worldwide versatility of the Touareg is in part thanks to the continued development in the architecture of its knobs. The smaller and more compact small- blocks contribute to comfort and performance, on both rough terrain and smooth tarmac.

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