POC- Axion Spin Fluorite Green Helmet M/L

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Features -

• Consistent unibody shell construction
• Light
• Well ventilated
• Optimized polycarbonate / EPS construction
• Safety visor is released in the event of a fall
• Adjustable visor
• 360 ° size adjustment system
• SPIN (Shearing Pad INside), our patent-pending silicone pad technology

The Axion SPIN is light, well ventilated and has a lower cover on the temples and back of the head.

It offers perfectly coordinated protection on trail routes. The 360 ° adjustment system results in an easy fit can be adjusted precisely and easily.

In addition the continuous unibody shell construction increases the structural stability. In the event of a fall, the adjustable visor loosens, reducing the forces on the neck. Above all the visor can be adjusted individually and adapted to your special needs.

In conclusion the Axion SPIN was developed for trail and enduro riders and has ventilation channels and openings for regulated air circulation.

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