Powerbar - True Organic Oat Bar- Banana Hazelnut

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Want to top up your energy reserves, know exactly what you are eating, and still not compromise on taste? Then we have just the right thing: Our TRUE ORGANIC OAT Bar contains up to 6 plant-based ingredients such as oat, dates, and nuts – all of premium organic quality. Production is climate-neutral and, depending on the flavour, only Fairtrade cocoa is used. The bar is packaged in an innovative plastic-free, home compostable wrapper. Good for you & good for the planet. Try our PowerBar TRUE Organic Oat Bar now, which comes in three delicious flavours.

  • 100% plant-based
  • 100% organic
  • Innovative plastic-free and home compostable wrapper
  • For cocoa-based flavours: Contains Fairtrade cocoa
  • Climate-neutral

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