Leatt Helmet MTB Endurance 3.0 V24 Granite

Size: Medium
Sale priceR 3,500.00
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The Leatt MTB Endurance 3.0 helmet is built with more than just safety in mind; it's designed to elevate your ride on any terrain. Tailored for those who seek thrills and expect performance without compromising on comfort, this helmet is your trusted partner in adventure.
Lightweight and packed with features, the Endurance 3.0 helmet is an ideal helmet for everyday or all-day rides. Whether your priorities include high-intensity training or just turning the pedals with friends, you’ll appreciate the maximized ventilation and convenient sunglass docking port.

When choosing a helmet, protection features should be paramount. All Leatt helmets feature 360 ̊ Turbine Technology. This design utilizes a network of small discs constructed of a non-Newtonian, energy-absorbing material. Because these Turbines can move 360 ̊ (omnidirectional), this technology has two exclusive advantages: namely the reduction of rotational acceleration to the head and brain and the absorption of energy upon impact at concussion level

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